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Little p Project, furthering the fight against pediatric soft tissue sarcoma.

Little p Project

Parker, affectionately known as "Little p," had a remarkable ability to find the beauty in the ordinary and to care deeply for others.

Despite a daunting cancer diagnosis, Parker showed unfathomable courage and resilience over years of surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and hospital stays. 


Tragically, in the spring of 2022, Parker passed away, her life cut short by outdated treatments and an inability to save her.

Parker's radiant life and unimaginable death underscore the urgent need to modernize pediatric oncology and improve outcomes for young cancer patients. The Little p Project honors Parker's memory by joining us together to advocate for better research, treatments, and support for all children fighting cancer.


Furthering the Fight

Join us in the fight against pediatric soft tissue sarcoma! Little P Project is dedicated to funding research and advancing treatments for this devastating disease. With your support, we can provide hope to desperate families battling childhood cancer. Every donation brings us one step closer to finding a cure and saving lives. Together, we can make a difference. Donate today and be a part of something truly impactful.

2023 Little p Project COG Research Grant

"We are very grateful for the support from the Little p Project and the Children’s Oncology Group. We are deeply saddened and inspired by Parker’s story, which motivates us to search for novel effective therapies for cancer patients like Parker. We hope to translate our findings to the clinic rapidly and to improve outcomes for patients with high-risk sarcomas and other cancers."

- Meijie Tian, PhD


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